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Headache Sufferers

Chances are good that if you are looking at this page you have arrived by an internet search. In fact, so many people enter our site via this page that we felt a personal message was necessary. We understand that you are suffering... and that your headaches are affecting your lives. I myself am a clencher and wear the NTI device at times. Read the information below and then call our office. We will help you take back your life... and that is a promise. From one headache sufferer to another - Dr. Ken

Most of you are probably not aware that dentists are very adept at treating headaches and facial pain. Most chronic facial pain and many headaches including true migraines are caused or triggered by clenching and grinding your teeth during sleep. Many headache sufferers awake with pain that gradually diminishes throughout the day only to begin anew the following morning.

The public, medical professionals, and unfortunately many dentists are unaware of the fact that dysfunctional occlusal interference is the cause of over 40 million peoples' head, neck, and facial pain.

We employ a very unique type of night guard called the NTI-TSS Clenching Suppressor to treat our patients who grind and clench during their sleep. We have had tremendous success over the years in treating headaches, facial pain, and T.M.J. pain with the NTI-TSS suppressor. Also, the N.T.I. suppressor is much smaller and much more comfortable to wear than the traditional full size mouth guards…and it also works a whole lot better too! Sadly, few dentists provide this service to their patients. Only a handful of dentists make them in the Providence, Rhode Island area.

The F.D.A. has recently approved the use of the NTI-TSS suppressor for the treatment of true migraine headaches. Over 82% of migraine sufferers get a significant reduction in the number and intensity of their headaches with the NTI-TSS suppressor.

Also, if you have had cosmetic dentistry, Veneers, Lumineers, Ceramic Crowns, or Implant Dentistry the NTI-TSS can protect them from the excess forces produced by tooth grinding and jaw clenching. Below is information detailing the NTI-TSS clenching suppressor. If you suffer from, teeth clenching, teeth grinding, migraine headaches, tension headaches, morning headaches, jaw clenching, aching jaws, sore teeth or TMJ pain we urge you to visit their website at for even more information on this truly wonderful headache treatment.

Painful, aching jaw?
Sore, sensitive teeth?
Stiff neck?
Tension headaches?
Morning headaches?

Please tell us.
We can help.

East Providence Headache Sufferers

A Major Breakthrough!

If you suffer from these problems, you should know about ..

Tension headaches in Riverside

The FDA-approved dental device that can help stop headaches, sore jaws, stiff necks, and sensitive teeth

About head, neck, and jaw pain…and clenching your teeth

If you suffer from a painful, aching jaw.
If your teeth are sore and sensitive.
If you wake up with a stiff neck.
If you suffer from frequent and recurring tension headaches and/or morning headaches-
then you might find this information a big source of relief.


Migraine pain may be caused or intensified by the muscles under your scalp!

It starts as a sleep disorder of intense jaw clenching.

It's perfectly normal to clench your jaws when you sleep. We all do it from time to time-even during normal sleep cycles. But what happens when you clench your jaw muscles 14 times more intensely than normal?

Migraine pain…chronic headache…and TMJ pain. That's what happens.

Try This!

Place your fingers on your head where highlighted in the illustration below and firmly clench your jaws. Can you feel the huge temporal jaw muscles bulging under your fingertips? It's those muscles that trigger most migraine pain.

Painful Jaw Riverside

Dentists usually hear about intense jaw clenching when patients complain about TMJ --a very common and painful jaw disorder caused by clenching tightly in an off-centered lopsided way while asleep. The dentist often makes a specialized mouthpiece (like the one shown here) to balance the bite for the TMJ sufferer.

Migraine pain East Providence

But this type of mouthpiece may also cause increased jaw -clenching intensity--and make the pain even worse.

The Mystery of Migraine Pain

People with migraine pain suffer a lot. Medical examinations often show, however, that they're otherwise perfectly healthy. A recent medical study confirmed that people who suffer migraine pain and chronic headache clench their jaws in a balanced, centered position. This causes an extremely intense muscular contraction, but little strain on the jaw. Nighttime jaw clenching usually goes unnoticed -but it sets the stage for migraine pain and chronic headache pain.

East Providence headaches treatment


What does clenching my teeth have to do with these problems?

The high -intensity contractions of these powerful muscles become painful and the forces generated cause pain to surrounding tissues, joints, and other muscles. By reducing the intensity of the clenching, you're effectively minimizing the source of the pain-in many cases, in just a few days.

Has this treatment been tested?

The NTI-tss has been used successfully with thousands of patients in the United States and many other countries. It has received marketing allowance from the FDA and complies with all requirements as an approved dental device.

What can we do to help?

In one office visit we can create a custom-made NTI-tss.

sensitive teeth 02915

The tiny, clear-plastic device fits over your top two front teeth. You only wear the NTI while you sleep at night. It makes clenching virtually impossible. In a few days or weeks, your clenching reflex is suppressed. Morning headache pain, neck pain, sore jaws, and other related pain associated with involuntary intense clenching usually begins to resolve and disappear.

Is there a difference between the NTI-tss and the traditional dental night guard device or TMJ Splint?

Yes. Traditional flat-plane splints and night guard devices provide a surface for you to "bite down on." New studies show, however, that these devices can actually increase the intensity of your clenching reflex, often to over 104% of your normal bite. High-intensity clenching has recently been found to be the real cause of the problem. With the advent of the revolutionary NTI-tss, we can begin to solve the real problem: actually preventing your back teeth from clenching intensely and coming into contact with each other. Stop intense clenching, stop the source of the pain.

The NTI-tss suppresses the clenching reflex by preventing the posterior teeth from contacting each other. There is no surface to bite down on or bite into. The temporalis muscles are kept from contracting with their usual intensity. The clenching reflex is suppressed and almost eliminated. The NTI-tss helps to keep it from happening.

Can the NTI-tss really help make me feel better?

Yes. By reducing the intensity of involuntary clenching at night while you're asleep (and even during the day if stress triggers unconscious involuntary clenching at work or home), the NTI-tss minimizes clenching intensity and, in time, minimizes intense clenching as the source of your pain.

1. Boyd JP. Splitting the headache & solving the sinuses. bloomfield Hills, MI: Headache Prevention Institute; 1996:40.


When can I expect relief?

Within a few hours to a few weeks; it all depends. Many patients report significant relief overnight, others usually within a month. Your highly trained clenching muscles have to un-learn their intense activity, and the time it takes to accomplish this varies from patient to patient.

What else can I expect?

The NTI-tss may eliminate the need for prescription and over-the-counter pain medications that you take for morning headache, sore neck, sore jaws, and related pain associated with involuntary clenching of the teeth.

Because the NTI-tss helps reduce the intensity of your clenching, it helps maximize your comfort and should minimize your need for medications. You may find that you're more productive and that you can do more throughout the day because you're pain free and more comfortable with less tension and stress.

Your dentist now offers the NTI-tss that reduces clenching intensity by 66%!* The NTI-tss is a small, nearly invisible, removable device that you'll wear when you're asleep. You can also be fitted with a removable NTI-tss to wear all day long.

Unlike the traditional mouthpiece with a flat surface, the NTI-tss(below) is a custom-fitted device that prevents the tooth surfaces from ever coming into intense contact. By preventing high intensity contact, you also eliminate high intensity clenching-and the muscular irritation that leads to migraine pain, TMJ, and chronic headache.

Headache Sufferers Seekonk

Want proof?

Put a wooden pencil between your upper and lower front teeth…and bite down. The muscles under your scalp contract only slightly, because intense contraction cannot occur.

That's how the NTI-tss works.

TMJ patients may benefit from the NTI-tss. And clinical trails have proven that 82% of migraine sufferers had a 77% average reduction of migraine incidents.*

So if you suffer from migraine pain, chronic headache pain, or TMJ…tell your dentist about it. NTI-tss may help.

For a more comprehensive, detailed scientific explanation of the NTI-tss, be sure to visit


Dear Dr. Rawlinson:

I just wanted to let you know how happy I've been with the "NTI" System. I was skeptical at first, but after trying it, it has really made a difference with my migraine headaches.

At one point, I was getting a migraine on average of every two weeks, and sometimes once a week. The medication prescribed by my doctor was not effective and it was interrupting my daily life. Since I've started wearing the NTI (a little over 6 months), the number and intensity of the headaches have decreased. Using the NTI has also helped the medication work faster, when needed. I can remember only one occasion when I had to leave work early when the migraine took a long time to go away. This is incredible, considering what I was experiencing prior to the NTI System.

The NTI is easy to use and get used to. I feel lost without it when I go to bed. I now wake up feeling refreshed, and not like I have a cloud over my head. This has definitely enhanced my quality of life. I would highly recommend it.

Thank you for all of your help.
Very truly yours,

Flora M. Barbosa