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Extreme Makeover

We are the proud providers of Cosmetic Dentistry for ABC's Extreme Makeover right here in East Providence, Rhode Island.

We have transformed over a dozen lucky Rhode Islanders to date. Be sure to tune in to ABC6 this November to see our most dramatic makeover yet. You will not believe your eyes!

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Here are a few of the candidates who have had their lives changed by the wonders of cosmetic dentistry and cosmetic surgery.

Smile Gallery in Riverside

Lorraine was one of our first Extreme Makeover patients. While there were certainly cosmetic improvements that she wanted, our primary concern was restoring her ability to function. Lorraine's case was a complete dental reconstruction and to date still remains one of the most difficult cases we have ever attempted. As you can see, a very nice cosmetic result was achieved as well.

Dental Makeover in East Providence

Renee was a purely cosmetic case. Renee wanted a whiter brighter smile and particularly disliked her "gummy" smile. Renee received empress veneers to give her that "Movie Star" smile. Two years later, dentists are still asking us how we got rid of the gummy smile.

Riverside Dental Images

Sallie had not been to a dentist for many years. Cosmetic Veneers were no longer an option as decay and breakage had taken a heavy toll. Sallie was restored with EMPRESS crowns. Empress crowns have no metal under the porcelain so they have a beautiful translucency similar to natural teeth. Also, they do not produce the "Grey Line" at the gumline which is a common occurance in metal based crowns.

smile gallery in East Providence

Dennis had always been unhappy with the spaces between his teeth. In fact, he referred to them as his "Picket Fence". Dennis received Ultra thin cosmetic veneers to correct the problem and is now sharing his smile with the world.

smile gallery 02915

Trisha came to us very unhappy with her smile. She was a perfect candidate for Lumineers. Lumineers are ultra thin cosmetic veneers. As you can see the result is quite stunning when Lumineers are utilized.

dental Makeover 02915

To Date, Tracey remains the most difficult case we have ever taken on. Tracy required more than just cosmetic dentistry. Many teeth were unsaveable. Gum surgery, extactions, bone grafting, and a total reconstruction were required to restore form, function, and esthetics. The difference this made in Tracey's life is considerable. In fact, we will let you read Tracey's own words:

Dear Drs. Rawlinson, There will never be enough words to express my gratitude for all that you did to give me the smile I've always wanted. You made what other dentists told me was impossible a whole new beginning. For the first time in my life I can speak without having my hand in front of my mouth. I am so proud to say that I now have a flawless smile, and all because of you! You have changed my life and I will always be grateful. Thank You again, Tracey

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