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Cosmetic Dentistry


Today everyone wants a beautiful smile and with lumineers, the latest breakthrough in cosmetic dentistry, that dazzling smile is now within your reach.
Lumineers are the latest breakthrough in cosmetic dentistry - they are porcelain veneers that are as thin as a contact lens. Lumineers are so thin that teeth no longer need to be drilled down the way that traditional veneers would require. This means, no shots, no drilling, no temporary veneers that keep coming off, no sensitivity after the lumineers are placed, and they won't come off as they are bonded to the outer enamel layer of the tooth which is no longer removed. Lumineers have changed the way we practice cosmetic dentistry. They are truly amazing. Sadly, few dentists utilize Lumineers in the Providence, Rhode Island area.

Information on other cosmetic procedures such as whitening, bonding and implant dentistry can be found here.

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The following examples of some of our REAL PATIENTS who traveled all the way to East Providence, Rhode Island for their cosmetic dentistry. All of them received a Lumineers smile makeover.

Recently Dennis returned from Iraq where he suffered tremendous damage to his teeth. We were proud and happy to deliver this result for one of America’s bravest.

"My smile and confidence are shining bright! My new smile is better than I dreamed it could be. Also, my modeling career has climbed to a whole new level. It has been only one month and already I have received 3 new modeling contracts. Thank you so much. You have made my life complete."
Love always,

Jayme Lynne Sooby
Miss Indonesia 2005

"Dear Dr. Rawlinson,
I wanted to take a moment to say that I am "officially" in love with my new smile. I just got back from a screening of a movie that was filmed shortly after my smile makeover. Seeing my smile on the big movie screen really made me realize how truly wonderful it looks. Thanks again, you are all so wonderful."

Cynthia Hansen
Miss Wales 2005

Mary came to us because she was unhappy with the look of her old veneers. Her veneers, which were over 20 years old, were extremely bulky and unattractive. She said that they gave her a "Bucked-Tooth " look.
Mary wanted lumineers but was concerned because another cosmetic dentist had told her that her case could not be done with be the judge.

Mary is quite happy these days and we happen to know that that other dentist is now doing lumineers himself!

Rob came to us with crowded teeth that were overlapped, broken, and rotated/twisted. Even the Lab techs at Denmat (the lumineer people) questioned whether this case could be done without aggressively cutting the teeth.

This was not an option that Rob would consider, and the following result was obtained with very little tooth reduction. This procedure has changed Rob's you can see, Rob would not even smile for us for the "Before" pictures.

For Amy Lumineers were the perfect option to lengthen, whiten, and fill in the gaps. Because the outer enamel layer of her teeth was not removed she will never have sensitivity and her Lumineers will never come off.

"Dr. Rawlinson,
I cannot find the words to express how much my new smile has changed my life. As you know, I work in sales. My confidence is at an all time high now that I am not afraid to smile. I still can't believe you did it without drilling down my teeth. Every other cosmetic dentist I talked to told me it would be impossible without a lot of grinding. I must admit, I had reservations about traveling all the way to East Providence, Rhode Island for my cosmetic dentistry but I am so glad now that I did. I now understand what you meant when you told me that your job was really to create happiness - I am a much happier person these days. Thank you again."

Jim Broderick

Leah was one of our ABC6 Extreme Makeover patients. A Combination of bridges, crowns, and lumineers were used to give her a great smile.

These are just a few of the many patients that are smiling anew with their lumineers. Call us today to discuss how lumineers can give you the smile you have always wanted.